Meet Our Kids


VincentHi, my name is Vincent and I live in Ootmarsum, the Netherlands with my Mom, Dad and my big brother, Maurice who also has Christianson Syndrome. During the week I attend school at care farm; it's a school but they also take care of animals. I love swimming and horseback riding and I am always on the move. I love to explore and get myself in trouble. I am not the best eater -- I don’t like pasta but I love potatoes, meat and milk. I especially love milk that comes directly from the farmer. I am very particular about the way I eat my food and drink my milk -- it has to be in a certain order. If Mom or Dad does not get it right I will let them know by putting my lips together very firmly. I have trained my parents well and they do feed me in the proper way. When our caretaker plays the saxophone, I start to sing and I am a pretty good singer. I also like the drums and bass guitar and love to move rhythmically to music as well. I like playing with the iPad, mostly hitting on it.  Like almost all the other CS boys I am always cheerful and in a good mood.


MauriceHi, I am Maurice and I am the big brother of Vincent who also has Christianson Syndrome. We live with our parents in Ootmarsum, the Netherlands. I don’t like snow, rain, hail, wind and any temperature below 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit). At Korenschoof, the  care farm school I attend, they always want to play and walk outside when it is cold. As soon as I see my jacket I let them know that I am not happy by whining. I’m a man but not afraid to admit that I am quite the wimp when it comes to the cold. Now that I have said this, I can tell you about all the things I do like. I love food and drinks, I can spot them from a mile away and I’m not afraid to step up and reach for food on others plates. Good for Mom, I love almost any food. Just like my brother, I like my milk directly from the farmer. In addition, raspberries and blackberries are so very delicious. Strings and cords are my favorite things to play with and I am very good at grabbing everything in my reach. I also practice my fine motor skills by fidgeting with my fingers. I love to sit on your lap and cuddle all the time; it may be my number one all time favorite thing to do. I’m not a big fan of animals but I do love the Nash’s big dog Arie -- she is a labradoodle.  My favorite sport is swimming and I love to take long baths.